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Patchwork Machine Quilting Classes

Learn just in time for Christmas!!

You have seen the beautiful quilted table runners, table decorations, baby and lap quilts.  Now learn how to make your own quilts thru these classes.
Ann Mroczenski will give you hands on instructions on making your own heirloom quilted projects.

First learn the very basics in quilting before you hit the sewing machine. Learn what it takes to even begin quilting.  Is this the craft for you?  Take the Intro to Quilting class. Find out what tools are needed, what is involved and have your questions answered. 

Once you have the intro to quilting put some of that knowledge to work. Bring your sewing maching and tools and learn some new tricks with some simple and easy projects.
Start with a simple projects and move on up to the harder projects. Each project teaches you some different skills which when put together will give you the skills to create your own projects.

Classes will be held at my home (N1040 Fairview Road, Merrill, WI) so the class size is limited.  

Notices of classes will be also be posted on Facebook, on my craft page ( and in the Wausau, Merrill garage sale sites


Supplies needed for all classes:

     THE BASICS :  Sewing machine, empty bobbins, scissors, stitch ripper, quilting walking foot, thread (any color), straight pins, quilting curved safety pins.



Scheduled classes:

September 21st , 2017 (Thurs) -  An introduction to Quilting and the basic 9 Square Patch Quilt Squares, 6:30 pm
    Learn about the equipment, a bit of history and what quilting involves. Is this your new passion?   $25.00
    Bring: The BASICS (above), 1/3 yard cotton material.

September 28st , 2017 (Thurs) - Half Square Triangles, 6:30 pm
    Learn how the basic half square triangle and how to customize your own triangles into a quilt. $25
    Bring: The BASICS (above), 1/3 yard cotton material.

October 5, 2017 - 2 1/2 Inch Strips, 6:30 pm
   Ever wonder who buys those rolls of 2 1/2 inch strips and what do they do with them?    $25
   Bring: The BASICS (above), 6 - 2 1/2 in strips

Cancelled --- October 12, 2017 - Putting Those Squares Together, 6:30 pm   $25
   This class will teach you how to put your squares together, and straight stitch quilt.
   Bring with you the three squares you made from the previous classes, the BASICS, and 18 x 48" backing material & the same of quilting cotton batting .

October 19, 2017 - Quilt As You Go technique 1, 6:30 pm   $25 CHANGE : Quilt as you go Technique 2 Part 1: 6:30 p.m. $25
    Making the large quilted bag pictured below.
    Bring:  the BASICS, 1 bag of Soft and Stable (18 x 58") or quilting cotton batting, same size of cotton material for inside bag, 1/2 roll of 2 1/2 inch jelly roll.
    What to do with the left over scraps? Quilt as you go will use up those scraps and make a pot holder.  
    Bring:the BASICS,  scraps of fabric (1/4 yd of scraps), 10" square backing and the same of quilting cotton batting.

October 26, 2017 - Quilt As You Go technique 2 Part 2, 6:30 pm   $25
    Continue and finish making the quilted bag.
   Bring:  the BASICS, 1 bag of Soft and Stable (18 x 58") or quilting cotton batting, same size of cotton material for inside bag, 1/2 roll of 2 1/2 inch jelly roll.

November 2, 2017 -  CHANGES :  Start Making the Bargello Quilt    6:30 pm   $25
    Starting the Bargello Quilt.   Finished size: 50" x 60.5"
   Bring:  the BASICS, 1 jelly roll of 42- 2 1/2 inch strips, 3/4 yard background fabric, 3/4 yard outer border, 3 1/4 yard backing (wide fabrics).

Optional every Thursday. after - 6:30 pm $25
   Continue working on the Bargello Quilt - work at home and come in when you need help or additional guidance.

Joining Quilt as You Go Squares, 6:30 pm   $25
   Now that you have quilted the squares, how do you put them together? How do you finish the quilt edges? 
   This class teaches you how to connect your squares and bind the quilt edges to complete your quilt.
   Bring: the BASICS, 6- 10 inch squares of cotton material, 2 strips of 2 1/2 inch cotton material, 3 10 inch squares of batting.

November 9, 2017 - Free Motion Quilting, 6:30 pm   $25
   Learn how to use the free motion quilting technique.
  Bring: the BASICS, 2 yards cotton material, 1 yard batting, free motion sewing machine foot.


To sign up: email   Sign up needs to be done the Wednesday before the class is to be held.

Let me know:  your name, email, and phone number. Also, are you signing up for all classes? or a specific class/date?
You will receive a confirmation email that will let you know you are included.

Payments will be collected at the beginning of each class.

Not seeing what you want?  Let me know what you are interested in learning?  Send me an email.
Photos of quilting samples and equipment follow the quilting calendar.

Quilting Samples

Green Checkers    pinwheel

 dr seuss   step ladder


   red xmas   pink

quilt as u g  minion



Free Motion Quilting Foot
Free Motion or Embroidery Foot
free motion1
free 2
Walking Foot
Quilting Pins

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