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Way back when in high school I became interested in many arts and crafts and absorbed as much information about them as I could. One of my sisters exposed me to quilting and I loved it, increasing my skills every year.

I watched a film on psyanka, Ukranian egg art, way back in high school, I became hooked on egg art. I ran out to the local craft store, purchased the supplies, then ran to the local library for books on the subject. 

Apparently I stayed too long at the library learning new craft skills Artistbecause I worked in that library building for over 40 years. I started working as a library page for Marathon County Public Library in Wausau, WI, after a few years I started to work forrt for Wisconsin Valley Library Service ( ) that is housed in the same building until my retirement in 2019.. Working in a library environment gives me access to many different craft books and "how-to" manuals, along with videos that I have been able to expand on my love of art and crafts.   

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