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dr2 dr3 Dr. Who quilt.
Shown on queen size bed.
67.5 x 83.5"
Other Quilted/Sewn Items


Egg Art
A Touch of India

Touch of India Closed   Touch of India Open

This unusual piece is made from a large goose egg, cut and hinged to open like the petals of a flower, to reveal a trumpeting elephant. Beautiful lilac colored Austrian rhinestones decorate this piece and dark violet velveteen material make a stunning contrast for the pearls.


Cinderella Carriage

Cinderella Egg CarriageThis beautiful carriage is made from an egg of the rhea. Created with working doors, decorated with Austrian rhinestones and beadwork. A wonderful way to start collecting this rare work of art.


Floral Twist

Floral Twist egg doors closed   Floral Twist doors open

Wouldn't this be a unique way to present your beloved with a small token of your affection? This goose egg has hinged doors that open to reveal a padded bed of pink velveteen for you to keep empty or to place a special gift. Pink Austrian rhinestones frame the doors and add a sparkle to the small golden flowers.


Out of the Blue


This rhea egg is decorated with blue beads with golden braiding and leaves splashed around the outside shell. Open the doors with the Austrian crystal door handles to reveal the pale blue velveteen lined shell and cushioned pad. All topped with a golden crown and Austrian crystal.  A wonderful way to give a gift  inside a gift.  Height: 7"

Going for the Gold

For those Harry Potter fans, this emu egg features the Harry Potter Mini Figurine collectible #81131 in which Harry, riding his broomstick, has caught the elusive Golden Snitch playing Quidditch.  Unusually colored beads decorate the openings, gold mesh inside, with Austrian crystals topping.    Height: 8 3/4"


In the Garden

Garden Closed  Garden Half Open  Garden Half Open

Two works of art in one.  The rhea egg opens its petals to reveal a small goose egg which opens its petals to reveal a small pewter faerie holding a crystal ball. Dark green Austrian rhinestone chain decorate the rhea egg with the dark yellow velvet inside. Pink beading with golden braiding decorate the red velvet covered goose egg with pink velvet lining the inside. Which all reveals the small faerie standing on a mirror.  Height:  7"
Garden Top Open  Garden Part Open  Garden Fully Open

Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea  Deep Blue Sea - Side View

This wavy cut rhea egg depicts ocean waves, painted and textured, with golden braiding and blue beads. Inside swims a ceramic piece entitled "Morish Idol" from the Land & Sea Collectibles, resting on a blue velveteen ledge.  Height:  7"


Peaceful Waters

This goose egg has blue beading and gold braiding for waves, keeping the crystal dolphin and sea shells safe. The tail is made with ruby red Austrian crystals.  Height:  7"

In the Name of Love


Resting on a pedestal, this goose egg features carved saloon doors, framed by black beads that open to reveal the Buddha of Love. Black satin lining inside with a gold painted and carved goose  screen.  All topped with a black Austrian crystal.   Height: 7"

Lavender Locket


This beautiful goose egg has a ring of lavender beads and gold braiding. The handle is of white quartz and a lavender Austrian crystal.  The top and stand also have Austrian crystals.  Inside reveals a bed of off-white satin.   Height:  4", open 4 3/4"


Faerie in the Garden

A goose egg with green velveteen trimmed cut out, Austrian crystals shining, and a pewter faerie inside  holding a crystal ball, surrounded by dried floral.    Height:  6 1/2"


Swan Lake

Swan Lake door closed   Swan Lake door open

My daughter gave me the crystal swans for Christmas and I decided to make a home for them. I have included this item to show what can be done with your special pieces. This goose egg was decorated with dark blue Austrian rhinestones with golden findings. The special way the egg was decorated and cut hides the opening.  Once open the pale blue velveteen material with the swans floating on a mirrored glass is revealed.   Height: 5", opened 4 1/4"


Kelly's Special

The goose egg has an oval center cut surrounded by hand painted floral, decorated with glass rhinestones, glitter snow, decorative cuts and a band of golden braiding. The inside of the egg was painted with glitter snow and has your special decorative piece inserted. Height in stand: 7 1/4"

Into the Sea


Created from the egg of a rhea, this art work features a hinged door to reveal treasures from the sea. The inside of the egg is lined with a deep blue velveteen material with the sea shells resting in the "waves".   Height:  8"

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Closed   Cotton Candy Open

Cotton Candy Open

Goose egg trinket box decorated with pink Austrian crystals opening up to reveal a pink satin interior.

Wishing Well


A goose egg opens to reveal the Buddha representing health. Pearls decorate the outside with black satin inside.

Shoe Fits


A rhea egg decorated with a ring of green, pink and white beads on the outside. A pink and green quartz opener and the quartz cap has two golden rings intertwined. Inside reveals a crystal shoe and a ceramic 25th anniversary place card holder sitting on a pink velveteen cushion


Blue Bird

Blue Bird Egg Art Our feathered friend uses a goose egg as his cage. Decorated with an Austrian rhinestone crown, golden metal findings with gold leaf painting inside.


Emerald Island

Emerald Island Closed  Emerald Island Open

 Decorated with pearls and golden braiding, this goose egg is an unusual jewel box. Open the clasp to reveal a padded bed of emerald green velveteen for your precious jewelry.


Treasures  Treasures open

This beautiful jewelry box features a goose egg decorated with royal blue and white beads with an Austrian aqua colored crystal topper. Lined with rich velvet.


Royal Lace

This very fragile piece is a goose egg that has been carefully cut into a lattice work pattern, decorated with pale pink beads, rose colored Austrian rhinestones, and painted with gold leafing inside.


Summer Day

Summer's Day EggAnother birdcage creation that is just a bit more fragile with its three bars. Decorated with pale pink Austrian rhinestones with gold leaf painting inside.


Victorian Times

Victorian Times egg doors closed   Victorian Times egg doors open

A simply decorated Rhea egg featuring deep brown beads and tear drop pearl handles to open three doors to reveal a beautiful blue velveteen interior.


Child's Treasure


A goose egg with a ring of multicolored rhinestones and gold braiding.  Austrian crystals serve as an opener. Inside reveals a sparkling lavender hiding place.    Height:  2 1/2", opens to 4"   ID Number: 46


Southern Shores

This oval cut goose egg front has hand painted 'waves' around the opening, a 'wave' cut on the back of the egg and a crystal flamingo nested inside.

Black Drop

Goose egg with real black pearls outline a four triangle cut pattern.

Easter Surprise 

This traditional Easter egg has a ceramic bunny inside a goose egg. Austrian crystals top the egg while the cut and hand painted vines on each side of the oval opening add an unusual twist.

Be Mine

This white satin lined rhea egg has two hidden compartments. the smaller of the two doors opens to reveal a ring, while the second larger compartment holds a Gilde Clown collectible on bended knee surrounded by dried floral.

Patch of Blue

For a simple but elegant look, this goose egg has a lattice work of blue beading, golden braiding and flowers with blue Austrian rhinestone centers.    Height:  7 1/2"

Dragon's Breath

Deep ruby red rhinestones and pearls decorate the outside of this goose egg and the door opens to reveal a pewter dragon resting on a mirrored floor.   Height:  6 1/4"

Flames of Glory Flames of Glory

This stunning red beaded goose egg is delicately cut with a beautiful ruby red rhinestone tail.  Height:  7"

Days Past  Days Past Open Front Doors 
 Days Past Back  Days Past Open 
 Days Past Side
Days Past

This Rhea egg has many special features. Decorated with Austrian black rhinestones and a golden pearl chain, the double swing doors in front and the drawbridge door in the back open to reveal the deep purple velvet lining and a Spooniques collectible (PP549) pewter teddy bear on a rocking horse. The egg stand holds a small electronic music box that plays "As Time Goes By."   Height: 8 1/2"

Rainforest Closed Doors  Rainforest Halfopen 
 Rainforest Open Doors
From the Rainforest

This goose egg has green velveteen doors with Austrian rhinestone handles that open to reveal a yellow velveteen interior with a ceramic blue frog on his lily pad.   Height:  6 1/2"

Fantasy  Fantasy

Fantasy has a Rhea egg cut out and decorated with amethyst Austrian rhinestone chain with pink beads and golden braiding. The inside of the egg is painted lavender with a pearlized coating. The ceramic winged horse is surrounded by a deep red dried floral, all topped with a gold finding and pink Australian rhinestone. To Capture a Dream and Fantasy are two eggs that compliment each other.  Height:  9 1/4"

  Capture a Dream

This Rhea egg has oblong holes in the lid (coated with a lavender pearl), has pearl chain and pink beading around the middle. The golden top with the Austrian pink rhinestone top. Opening the lid to another ceramic winged horse surrounded by dried floral. The inside of the lid is painted lavender with a pearlized coating. A beautiful "go together" with Fantasy.  Height: 5 1/2", open 6"


This rhea egg is intricately cut to reveal the beautiful pink & gold crystal angel.  The outside was carefully decorated with beautiful pink cultured pearls, copper colored beads and gold braiding.   Height:  8 3/4"

Under the Big Top

The 'tent' is made from a rhea egg partially covered with deep red velveteen material, Austrian rhinestones add to the glitter. All which keeps the crystal elephant happily balancing the ball inside.  This egg also includes a music box that plays "Send in the Clowns", hidden inside the base that is ready to wind up underneath.  Height: 7 "

Bumble Box

A goose egg with a ring of black beads and gold braiding. A black onyx opener with a yellow crystal on top. Inside reveals a yellow velveteen hiding place.    Height:  4", open 5 1/4"


A goose egg box made with forest green beads and golden braiding, a forest green and a clear crystal opener. The top has a small green rhinestone inside a small gold flower.  Inside has a forest green velveteen lining.     Height:  3 1/2", open: 4 1/2"

Golden Summer

This delicately cut goose egg has a gold satin lining backdrop for the beautiful crystal hummingbird.  The yellow gold beads surround the opening and topping it all is a simple yellow gold crystal.  Height:  6 1/2"


A rhea egg, delicately cut, purple beads with golden flowers and rhinestone centers.   Height:  8 1/2"

Gilded Cage

For a great conversation piece, this swan egg has a bird on a gold swing surrounded by dried floral, and a Austrian crystal tops the cage.   Height:  6 3/4"

Enchanted Evening Carriage

This heart cut ostrich egg was designed to add a touch of romance.  Austrian crystals decorate the piece, the working doors and heart shaped window enhance the romance.  Height:  7 1/4"

  Merrily Swingin'

A goose egg has become Tweety's cage for Christmas. Sporting a Santa cap, Tweety sings on his golden swing, his cage decorated in red and clear Austrian crystals with golden braids. This egg can be displayed year round on the mirrored stand, or it can be a special Christmas ornament for your tree.  Height: 6 1/2"


Egyptian Collection

A special collection of six eggs decorated in the Ukrainian style. Each completely different from the rest.

Egyptian collectionComplete Egyption Collection

This first Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh stands a little over 5" tall.


The second Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh stands 6" tall.


This Ancient Egyptian Functionary stands a little over 5" tall.


This third Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh stands 6" tall.


This Ancient Egyptian Guard stands a little over 5" tall.


This Ancient Egyptian Priest stands a 6" tall.

Watercolor Paintings
Fallen Fallen Leaves
12x16" matted
Forest Bloom Forest Bloom
Jezebel Jezebel
Lonely Horse Lonely Horse

morning Morning Worship
cherry Cherry Meadows
out Out on a Limb
leaves Leaves in theWindow
18 x 14" matted
cruise Cruising
16 x 12" matted
whmsy4 Whimsy Cats Four
12 x 9"
whimsy2 Whimsy Cats Two
9 x 11 "
whimsy round Whimsy Cats in the Round
9 x 12 "
whimsy line Whimsy Cat Line
9 x 12 "
door cty Door County Orchard
12 x 16 matted
lilacs Lilacs and Pears
11 x 15



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